Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday Night At Tonga Hut

Sunday Night , January 30, 2011
I reluctantly left Luke to pack up at the GNRS & headed for North Hollywood & my meet-up with my friends from Tiki Central. Luke would join me as soon as he had packed up. It poured all the way from Pomona to North Hollywood. What's up with that? It never rains in California! The song says so! I pulled into the parking lot of The Tonga Hut & snuck in the back door. I was, almost immediately, recognized & greeted by my friend JOHN-O. He bought me my first drink, Exotique, masterfully crafted by Tonga Hut mixologist Kelly "Hiphipahula" Reilly. I then ventured further in & was surrounded by TC regulars, Leleliz, Tobunga, Manuel, Marty Lush, Grog, Tikiyaki, Sherryaki & Tonga Tom. This place was awesome & I couldn't believe I was actually there & surrounded by my TC friends, while the winter raged back home. Luke would join me in an hour or so & we hung out at The Tonga Hut for the rest of the night.

Manuel, Me, Liz & Eric

Me, Liz, Kelly & JOHN-O


  1. Oh look I was hung over as all get out!

    Imagine that??

    By the way I have also lost 40 pounds since these pictures...but I think my head hasn't shrunk ..lol

  2. That's great! Your head's gonna stay that big, 'cuz of your big brain. :)