Friday, September 24, 2010

Queen Of Rockabilly

YES,YES, YES! Wanda Jackson is coming to Boston!!!!!!! Guess where I'm gonna be on October 7 ? That's right! I'll be at Johnny D's in Somerville to see the Queen herself. That's hockey night for me, but the boys are gonna have to find another goalie for that night. I've got a date with a Queen! Holy Crap, I can't wait!

Sunday Shopping

Okay, so I didn't make too much cash at The Alter Boys' show, but that didn't stop me from taking a Sunday shopping adventure. I scored a nice advertising card for my pin-up bathroom, a coupla cool travel decals that I can use on that 50's station wagon I'm gonna own someday. Last, but not least, I scored this killer baby stroller. If I didn't need to raise some cash, I'd hang this puppy in the garage, but I need cash, so I'm gonna flip it. Anyone else got any of these travel decals? I'd love to see them if you do.

Alter Boys Jalopy Jamboree

Last Saturday, I set up shop at The Alter Boys' Jalopy Jamboree in Natick, Mass. I didn't make much dough, but I got to see some friends & check out some cool rides, so it's all good. I also hooked up with my friend, Blake & brought in some stickers for inventory, Rat Fink, Lady Luck, Von Dutch, etc.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage Tidbit Trays & Lazy Susans

This post is in response to one on the 1950's Atomic Ranch House blog about vintage tidbit trays. I may be a Hockey-playing Hot Rod-driving Alpha Male, but I'm also Italian & I can cook! Being the vintage guy that I am & knowing my way around a kitchen, I've developed an appreciation of Mid-Century kitchen gadgets & serving ware. Here is my small collection of tidbit trays & lazy susans.

Orange Airport Dragway Reunion

Set up shop at this show last week, but forgot my camera. It was a great show with some quality cars. Scored the cool Smith's Aplliance measuring glass at the show. It'll be great for measuring cocktails. Scored the Tiki stuff on the way home.

Friday, September 17, 2010

September Brimfield

Went to the Brimfield flea last Thursday & scored some cool stuff for my Tiki lounge. I usually go 3 days, but I'm really short-handed at work & couldn't get the time off.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Killer Shirt

I almost forgot. The Sin Alley Rumble wasn't a total loss. I scored this killer vintage shirt for 5 bucks! It's easy to find vintage women's stuff around here, but men's stuff is almost extinct.

Bye Bye Birdie

It's 12:37 AM & I'm sitting here watching Bye Bye Birdie. Not one of my favorite flicks, but my God, how I love Ann-Margret!

Cool Rides At The Sin Alley Rumble

The weather was great, the venue was cool & the guys in the club were terrific, but the turnout was disappointing. I didn't make much dough, but there were a few nice rides & some lovely Rockabilly ladies in attendance. I'll give it another shot next year. Maybe with a little more promotion, they'll get a bigger turnout. I took a few pics of the cars, but didn't want to seem like a creep taking pics of the girls. =)

Sin Alley Rumble

On Saturday July 17, I set up shop in Providence at the Sin Alley Saints show to peddle my wares. This year I decided I was done wasting money on the hockey puck burgers at the shows I sell at & I was going to start bringing my own lunches. Here's the flyer for the show & the makings of my pasta salad. My buddies keep busting my chops about me making someone a good wife someday! hahaha

Plymouth National Wax Museum-RIP

One thing I found at Brimfield left me heartbroken. A woman was selling the figures & props from the Plymouth National Wax Museum in America's Hometown, Plymouth, Mass. As a kid, we went to Plymouth every summer & visited the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock & The Plymouth National Wax Museum. I took my own kids there, a few years ago & was planning on a return trip this summer. Needless to say, I was horrified when I saw the figures on display at Brimfield. Apparently, a couple of years ago, the museum's lease came up & they were unable to reach an agreement with the landlord on a new one, so they closed the doors & packed everything up. I'm shocked that no one in this historic town made an effort to save this place or at least find a new location. After 40 years of teaching a very kitschy, entertaining history lesson to people of all ages & nationalities, the wax museum is now, you guessed it, luxury condos! The woman that rescued the figures & settings is still hoping to find someone to buy the whole lot & set it up again, but she didn't sound very optimistic. Sigh! Another piece of terrific roadside Americana bites the dust. I'm sure those 6 luxury condos are much more important to the town of Plymouth. Shame on the town government for letting this wonderful place go. I had trouble just finding any news of the closing online. If you have any cool or kitschy Americana near you, patronize it as much as you can, before it's too late!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brimfield-Friday July 15

Last day of July Brimfield for me. A few more inexpensive trinkets to satiate my shopping bug.
A pair of Schmidt's beer tap handles, aka shift knobs; $15.00
Coupla pieces of WWII era sheet music; $1.00 each
A nice "Aloha" Hawaiian Islands postcard book postmarked August 20, 1945 by the U.S. Army Postal Service; $3.00
A killer souvenir photo of a dame dressed in grass skirt showing of a pair of fabulous gams. I'm guessing mid to late 1930's. The only marking is the word "Lovingly" written on the front.;$15.00
Finally, after I spotted the hula chick, a Tiki ashtray caught my eye on the same guy's table. problem was, there was sumthin' funny burning in it! t\The dude was burning Sage in this ashtray & boy did it stink. I bought it anyway & scrubbed the crap out of it when I got it home. I finally used vinegar to get the stench out of it! haha; $10.00
So that was the end of a frugal week for me at Brimfield. I'm already looking forward to September & I promise I'll have more dough in my pocket to spend on more stuff I don't need, but can't live without.