Friday, October 28, 2011

Orange Airport Drag Reunion

Saturday, September 10
Set up shop at the 2nd Orange Airport Drag Reunion. Back in the day, a lot of airport runways moonlighted as dragstrips. Orange Airport in Orange Mass. was one such place & the past 2 years, they've held a reunion, this year with 1/16 mile racing!

No Brimfield For Me!

Thursday, September 8
This was to be the only day I could get to Brimfield, but it was not to be. I got my butt out of bed early, only to discover it was raining pretty heavy. Oh, well! I've been to Brimfield in the rain before. I was going anyway. The closer I got to Brimfield, the worse the weather got. As I was getting off the Mass Pike, my phone rang. It was my buddy, Pete, telling me not to bother. The downpours were so bad Route 20 was closed & none of the fields were open. CRAP! I turned around & headed for Stillwater Antiques in Greenville, RI. On the way, I discovered a nice little Mom & Pop eatery, DePetrillo's Pizza & Bakery in Smithfield, RI. Lunch was a great Spinach Deluxe calzone & a Dr. Pepper. There wasn't much to be had at Stillwater, just a pair of S&Ps I didn't have, but it was better than going home & feeling sorry for myself.

Holy Scorpion Bowls, Batman!

Thursday, September 1
Took a ride to the Rhode Island Antique Mall & scored a lot of Tiki stuff for $100.00, I was trying to decide which Scorpion Bowls to buy when the women who owned the booth came in & made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thursday, August 25
Another Thursday, four more mugs from my favorite store. Nothing special this time, just the usual suspects to use or trade.

Hawaii Kai Score

Thursday, August 18
First stop at my favorite store since returning from the Cape & they had some great stuff set aside for me. A CoCo Joe's Surfer & three great mugs, one from Oriental garden & 2 from Hawaii Kai, including a mint "Wahine With Mask". Also scored a nice lunch menu from Skipper Kent's in San Francisco. Man, I've been on a roll!

Big Tiki Score On The Cape

Saturday, August 13
Took a drive & spotted a cool place called Atomic Dimestore at the end of Main St. in Hyannis. Went in to check the place out & walked out with a very cool, 3 foot Tiki. This vacation just keeps getting better!

Roadside Kitsch On The Cape

Friday, August 12
Headed out early for breakfast at The Pancake Man in South Yarmouth. This place is a great slice of Roadside Americana. Food was good & I picked up a Pancake Man mug to take home. For dinner, we made it a double-kitsch day & visited Tiki Port in Hyannis. Food was excellent & although there were only a couple of Tikis, the place was virtually unchanged from the 70's.

Tiki Hunting On The Cape

Thursday, August 11
Dropped the girls off at the beach & headed for the Yarmouth Antique Center in search of Cape Cod Tiki! Scored 4 mugs; 2 Westwood & 2 marked Enchanto Company, Burbank, CA & a set of Conch Shell S&Ps that match my Sea Goddess bowls from Hawaii Kai. Met the girls at the beach & soaked up some rays for a coupla hours, then headed out for a game of Mini-Golf at Putter's Paradise in W. Yarmouth. This is a pretty neat place that, despite some "upgrades", still maintains much of its original kitsch. Traveled further down Route 28 & had some killer fish tacos at Finbars in Orleans for dinner. What a great day!

Horseshoe Crab Cove

Wednesday, August 10
Ventured out for a drive & came to the cove where we'd always found horseshoe crabs, befoer. Unfortunately, this time, all the ones we found were deceased! I did find 3 nice specimens to bring home for my Tiki Lounge. Their spirits will live forever!

Family Vacation

Sunday, August 7
Headed out to the Cape for a nice relaxing, family vacation.

Return To Milltown

Friday, August 5 & Saturday, August 6
Set up at Return To Milltown Hot Rod show. Made pretty good money. Quality of the cars was good. I think that awful "Rat-Rod" phase is finally dying out. There wasn't a whole lot of cool stuff to buy, but I did come home with an old Rolodex & a small, wooden, shrunken head print to hang in my Tiki Lounge.