Thursday, June 23, 2011

Headhunter & WWII Photo Album

Thursday, April 21
Well, I managed to make a couple extra bucks between Sunday & Thursday, so I headed back to Greenville, RI to pick up a couple items I had set my sights on. The first item is this cool, carved Headhunter statue. He's holding the head in one hand & his machete in the other, while straddling the torso of his unfortunate donor. haha! He fit right into the Tiki bar. The second item is one of the most amazing pieces I've ever found. It's a photo album from a serviceman who served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. It includes photos of the serviceman, his buddies, native huts, the young man posing with 2 native girls & even some sort of tribal dance that looks straight out of Gilligan's Island. The most amazing part is that I only paid $10.00 for it. I've already been contacted about loaning it to a museum in Paris to be part of an exhibit.

Rhode Island Antique Hunt

Sunday, April 17. Took off to Rhode Island on the hunt for Tiki stuff & anything else I couldn't live without. Drove from Chepachet to Greenville to Pawtucket. Scored a great Tepco Wahine mug, p. 90 of Tiki Quest & a killer set of bar tools by Kirk's of Sheffield England. Also saw some cool stuff I couldn't afford, as usual.

New Additions To The Music Library

OK, I'll start back slowly. On Thursday, April 14, I arrived home from the grocery store, (yes, I do all the shopping, coupons & all), to find a package on my doorstep. It was my new Book Of Tiki 10th Anniversary mug straight from sunny Southern California. The anniversary event was held at Bahooka in Rosemead on Sunday April 10 & my buddy JOHN-O got this baby to me in 4 days! I opened it quickly, but oh so carefully. What a great mug & JOHN-O even had Sven, (the author) personalize it & autograph it to me. Yes, it's true, I am Big Kahuna! LOL
Later that night, I went on a music hunt, one of my favorite things to do. Scouring the local music store in search of my kind of music is much more rewarding than just clicking on ebay. I never know what I'm gonna find. this night, I hit the Jackpot! I got 4 CDs:
Ruth Brown-The Definitive Soul Collection
June Christy-Spotlight On ...
Woody Herman-Pillar To Post
Les Paul with Mary Ford-The Best Of The Capitol Masters
WOW! Four great additions to my library. It was a good day.

Back & still looking for blogging help.

OK! I haven't disappeared. I'm still out here lurking, just a bit discouraged by my lack of blogging ability. I still can't figure out why, when I sign on to follow a blog, it lists my e-mail address without an image instead of my blog name & avatar. If anyone can solve this mystery, I'd really appreciate your help. Secondly, I'm still living with this Stegasaurus of a computer. The new computer fund is growing, but not fast enough for my liking. Because of this, all the pics I took in California I can't post, cuz this stupid computer can't download 'em. So, for know, I will do my best to post using my old camera & will will try to get caught up chronologically.