Friday, March 9, 2012

More GNRS 2011 Day 1

Dick "Peep" Jackson

Me with Dick Jackson. Nice "Aztec" shirt, huh?

Blue Danube Buick

Junior Conway's coupe clone.

The Hawaiian aka Bobby Hirohata's Merc

Larry Watson's Square-Bird

Larry Watson's Grapevine clone

Mox Miller's '58 Chev Pick-Up

Mike Young's Exotica

The Aztec


  1. Goddamn. That mint and black wonder needs to be parked out front of my place right this second. Preferably with a hot greaser for a chauffeur as I don't have a license, lol.

  2. That's actually two-toned green, but you've got good taste. That is the most famous Merc on the planet. It sure would look good in my garage, next to my '59.

  3. Is it? Gads. It's amazing either way. I've never seen it before, that I recall anyway....eeeeeeee. Love. PS having to fill out these captcha things when drunk as hell is not fun. Trying to type coherent sentences is hard enough!!!