Thursday, September 26, 2013

New England Shake-Up!!!!!

Yew, I'm alive!!! Sorry for being such a crappy blogger. I'll have more posts soon. In the meantime, I hope to see some of you at The New England Shake-Up, this weekend. I'll be there all weekend & selling at the car show on Saturday.
See you there!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Return To Milltown

Set up shop this weekend at the Return To Milltown Hot Rod show in Sturbridge, Mass. Made decent money, saw some friends & took pics of some pretty nice cars. This show has come a long way, but I really wish those freakin', nasty rat rods would just go away! Just because you can drag a piece of crap '29 Dodge sedan out of the woods, drop a piece of crap F350 diesel motor in it & drop it on a piece of crap Jeep frame doesn't mean you should!!! All you've got when you're done is a steaming pile of crap, NOT a Hot Rod. Ahh! I feel better, now. Here's the pics.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Red Velvet & That Little Boy's Smile...

Set up shop at Return To Milltown Hot Rod show & scored this red velvet painting for the lounge. Not bad for 15 bucks. Now; all I have to do is make room for it!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

SEMA & SoCal & The Golden Steer

Tuesday, November 1:
   Woke up early & headed for SEMA at the convention center. Stopped in to see my suppliers & got a couple leads on some chrome stuff & a cool line of Rat Fink-abilia. Not a whole lot of traditional Rod & Kustom stuff happening. I think I'll limit SEMA to one day from now on. I did take a few pictures, though.

This is my kinda grocery getter!

   Left the show early enough to go visit my buddy, Lenny, over at the SoCal Speed Shop here in Vegas. Lenny & his dad are true traditional Rod & Kustom guys & it's always cool to visit with them & see what they've been up to. A couple roadster bodies arrived when we were there & Dave & I helped the guys unload them. As a thanks, for our help, Lenny gave us a coupla SoCal t-shirts. Whatta guy! SoCal is another must-see for any Hot Rod/Kustom/Rockabilly/Vintage guy or gal visiting Sin City.

   Next, it was back to The Orleans to snazz myself up a bit for dinner at The Golden Steer. The Golden Steer is a Rat Pack era steakhouse that has remained virtually untouched since the days when Frank, Dino, Sammy, et al, hung out there. The prices aren't cheap, but the food is excellent & the place just drips classic Vegas cool. There aren't many of these places left, so I encourage you to enjoy & support them each & every time you visit Vegas.