Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Papua New Guinea Mask

Thursday, June 9:
During our Memorial Day drive, I spotted this amazing Papua New Guinea mask at Old Glory Antiques in Fitzwilliam, NH. Today, I made it back up there with cash in my pocket & brought it home for my lounge. Upon returning home, I stopped at North Main Street antiques & scored a vintage Westwood Tiki Mug, a vintage Trader Vic's mug, Trader Vic' Pacific Island Cookbook & 3 contemporary, hula girl Zombie glasses. It was a good day for Tiki!
Soundtrack Of The Day:
Gene Vincent
Buddy Holly
Roots Of Rock 'n Roll
Go Getters
Buck Stevens & The Buckshots


  1. What a great finds! I love the hula girl glasses. :)

  2. Nice! I would love to see the kind of Pacific Island offerings that cookbook has!

  3. Those Hula Girl glasses were available at Target a few years ago & I could only find one. I know they're new, but I like how Target is always conscious of form & function.

  4. Wacky, I'll try to post a couple inside shots before the weekend is over.