Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Atomic Ranch Magazine

Thursday, June 2
Picked up the Summer 2011 issue of Atomic Ranch magazine. Another great issue, this time with a feature on vintage travel trailers, a subject that has become increasingly intriguing to me. If you're interested in vintage travel trailers, I recommend grabbing copies of these 2 books; Ready To Roll by Arrol Gellner & Douglas Keister & Silver Palaces by Douglas Keister. The Matchbox trailer I've had since I was a little kid & was always one of my favorites. I know some of you have vintage trailers, I'd love to see some current pics of them on your blogs. Please comment here if you do.


  1. I love vintage trailers. We don't have a trailer, but we have a vintage unit for our Dodge W200. (It's on my blog) We are trying to give it a little tiki-look inside. :)

  2. I saw that, very cool. Keep us updated.