Thursday, July 7, 2011

Amherst Swap Meet Scores

Sunday, May 1
Set up to sell at the Amherst Automotive Flea Market in Amherst, New Hampshire. Had a good day selling & bought a nice, rustic block & tackle to hang in my Tiki Lounge for 5 bucks. Stopped at Jeffrey's Antique Mall on the way home & scored a cool little Marquesan Tiki for 7 bucks & paid 8 bucks for a Donald Duck Fruit Salad jar full of matchbooks just to get this killer Trader Vic's matchbook, with a scene on the matches. Stay tuned. My Brimfield scores are next!


  1. Nice stuff, love the tiki carving. I've done the same thing, bought a quantity of things just to get one must have. The matchbook is very cool. Heck, there's probably someone who would buy that Donald Duck jar from you!

  2. I'm gonna try to get 8 bucks for the jar & the remaining matches. That way, I'll get my Trader Vic's matches for free! I love when things work out like that.