Monday, July 23, 2012

Car Club Christmas Party

I know, I know, this blog is a chronological mess. Well, it's going to continue to be 'til I get caught up. I promise to be on real time by the end of the summer. Now, about this post.
 Me & Karan
 Bernie & Paula
 Pete & Francine

 Mauna Kai Lounge

 Galaxy Diner

On Saturday night, December 17, I hosted our car club's First Annual Christmas party. Usually, when we get together, it's strictly us guys, (the dames just get in the way), but seeing as I was in a holiday mood, I included them in this gala event. I decorated the Galaxy Diner & Mauna Kai Lounge in vintage festiveness, re-stocked the bar & planned the food for the evening. When the night arrived we chowed on calzones from DiPetrillo's Bakery, as well as, a smorgasbord of dips, cheeses, etc. You know, the usual holiday party fare. When it came to beverages, it wasn't the usual spiked punch. No, no, not for us Tiki-Loving guys. We partook of flaming volcano Scorpion Bowls. We had a great time & I was sorry when it was time for everyone to go. this really was the highlight of my holiday season & I'm looking forward to a bigger & better 2nd Annual bash.


  1. Looks like fun! I love Scorpion bowls!!! How neat that you have the actual bowls!!! Kewl!!

  2. Thanks! I scored a bunch of vintage Scorpion Bowls for a steal. I was gonna keep one & sell the rest to support my habit, but after using them at the party, I decided to keep them.

  3. These are great shots of your place..didn't realize it was so big!

  4. It's decent sized, but the Tiki's threatening to take over the whole place! haha

  5. heads up,because I will be crashing your next party! What a great pad!

    1. Come on down! The more the merrier!