Sunday, October 2, 2011

Summer Brimfield Day 1

Wednesday, July 13:
Summer Brimfield is here! Headed out solo today. the weather was perfect & there was good stuff to be had. Here's what I scored:
2 Lava wahines, one HIP Original & one Coco Joe's: Asking $30 Paid $25
A nice Pearl Harbor hanky: $8
A Proctor-Silex Electric Juicer NIB: Asking $26 Paid $22
2 Page Mobilgas ad, featuring a Corsair taxiing in front of some palm tress, "Give 'er the Gun_and WHOOSH!" "that's FLYING HORSEPOWER": $5
Also had a great Pilgrim sandwich for lunch from one of the food vendors. I'll do that again!
Soundtrack Of The Day:
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