Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pago Pago Auction

Tuesday, May24

Man, this whole thing happened so fast! By the time I found out Pago Pago was closing, it was already closed. I work about a mile from this place & at about 11:45, one of my employees says: " Hey, Rick. I just drove by the Pago Pago & they're having an auction!" CRAP!!!! I jumped in my truck & headed down there. The auction started at 11:00, so I missed the Tiki over the door, (I really wanted that), & the Tiki swag lamps. The two, amazing, tortoise shells were taken home by Paul, the owner. He told me the story of driving to New York to buy them. He said they were made by Otagiri. I came away with five high-back, rattan chairs, two tables, seven faux bamboo wall sconces & a couple of menus. Paul said the sconces were original to the restaurant, which opened in 1972. It really was a bitter-sweet day for me. I'd much rather still be able to "Hit the Pago" whenever I wanted, but at least, I'll always have a piece of this place. When I returned to pick up my stuff, I made sure to shake Paul's hand & thank him for his hospitality. On my way out, he gave me a couple of glass candle holders for the tables I bought. I really am not sure how I'm going to incorporate these things into my lounge, but I just could not walk away empty-handed. Three of the sconces are for sale for $50.00 each. If you're interested, please contact me. I'll also be posting them on Tiki Central.

Sigh! R.I.P. Pago Pago

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