Saturday, August 4, 2012

Return To Milltown

Set up shop this weekend at the Return To Milltown Hot Rod show in Sturbridge, Mass. Made decent money, saw some friends & took pics of some pretty nice cars. This show has come a long way, but I really wish those freakin', nasty rat rods would just go away! Just because you can drag a piece of crap '29 Dodge sedan out of the woods, drop a piece of crap F350 diesel motor in it & drop it on a piece of crap Jeep frame doesn't mean you should!!! All you've got when you're done is a steaming pile of crap, NOT a Hot Rod. Ahh! I feel better, now. Here's the pics.


  1. What an amazing cars! Overhere it is the same with the ratrods. I even don't call it a ratrod. :( They turned on of my old cars into one and it really broke my heart to see it like that. :s

  2. Nice blog! My husband will LOVE it...he shares your background and interest in vintage cars. I've been to more car shows than I ever dreamed I would since we got married.