Thursday, April 5, 2012

Recent Tiki Finds

Here's a few of my recent Tiki scores. sorry, I haven't posted this stuff in awhile. first up is the latest Bahooka mug, featuring Rufus the carrot-eating fish. I wasn't able to attend the event as I was wallowing 3000 miles away, but my buddy, Luke, went & scored a mug for me. Designed by The Pizz & produced by Tiki Farm, this mug is a nice departure from the usual Tiki mug.

Did a swap with my buddy, Pete, at the Idol Mixtures Christmas Party for these two killer hurricane glasses. One is from Black Tahiti in Washington, D.C. & the other is from the Hukilau Lounge in Key West, Florida. I have seen very little from either of these places & I have never seen any tiki mugs, so these hurricane glasse are welcome additions to my collection.

Coconut mug from Ming Garden's Polynesian Room in Providence, Rhode Island. This is another place I have seen very little from & this mug is in perfect condition.

Hurricane glass from Kowloon in Saugus, Mass & a HIP Originals Hula Girl

A gaggle of the "Usual Suspects"!

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  1. I just got back from LA and STILL did not make it to Bahooka. My next trip I need to hit the places I have yet to go..Purple Orchid, Bahooka and the Tiki Ti.

    Man I love living in CA!