Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rumble In The Country Results

Well, the day started out great. My son & I stopped by my buddy Pete's house, picked him up & headed to Terryville. Picked a good spot to vend & got my stuff set-up. The weather was supposed to hold out til about 5:00. The cars started rolling in about 8:30 & the folks began spending shortly thereafter. About 10:30 it started to sprinkle & everytime I thought it had stopped, it would start up again. Finally, about 12:00, I decided to pack up, have some lunch & watch the bands under the pavillion. Not long after, the skies opened up & I was glad I had packed. The only pics I managed were a coupla shots of the second band, The Garnet Hearts from Baltimore,MD. These guys were great & I recommend them if you have a chance to see them. I picked up both of their CDs.

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